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3rd-Apr-2015 04:40 pm - WOOHOO!
Two weeks of no pants - do the happy dance!
14th-Mar-2015 11:28 pm - In rememberance
RIP Sir Terry Pratchett - you made a  difference.
13th-Dec-2014 10:48 pm - Finally (sort of .....)
Finally got Season 2 of Utopia ( this one, not that one) from JB Hi-Fi. I ordered it in October when it orignally came out, then waited three weeks, only to find they had lost the original order. I ordered it again, along with sesaon one of the same series which they also didn't have despite it coming out in January this year! Sadly, season one still wasn't in.

It is most unlike JB's as they are usually really good with ordering.
16th-Nov-2014 12:22 am - Much better
I bought some Red Velvet Tim Tam's today - not bad at all. The biscuits are definitely red velvet flavoured and the filling is a creamier filling than usual. Really quite a nice combination. 
28th-Sep-2014 02:51 pm - Not really sure
Just had some Whittaker's L&P white chocolate - it's certainly a different taste. I did eat it at room temperature so I am also going to eat it once it has been in the 'fridge for a while to see if that makes any difference.

It certainly tastes quite strongly of L&P (via shards of L&P flavoured popping candy)  and it also tastes of white choclate (obviously) but whether those two tastes should be together or not is the question.

ETA: 8 hours in the 'fridge and they do taste a bit better!
20th-Sep-2014 07:36 pm - Arrested Development S4
I've made a huge mistake - I bought it! Just not funny.
18th-Aug-2014 11:02 pm - Orphan Black questions and theory
Major spoilers for S1 follow.

Spoilers ahead.Collapse )
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