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Profound, profane or pedestrian
Utterly mundane ramblings from a nobody with nothing important to say.
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20th-Feb-2016 11:52 pm - Deadpool
Just come from my second viewing of this movie. No other way to put this - this movie is a work of modern art. Every damned moment, from opening titles ("Overpaid tool"!) to the closing scenes ("Go home"), hits the notes perfectly. Hilarious, violent, offensive - in short, everything a Deadpool should be. I may even go and see it for a third time!
26th-Jan-2016 07:08 pm - Happy Australia Day!
Australia day
24th-Jan-2016 11:25 pm - WOOHOO!
Just saw my first Deadpool TV spot! Tamed down for TV, of course but still .....
13th-Jan-2016 11:11 pm - WOOHOO!
Just had my first chocolate chip Hot Cross buns of the year! I love it when they start this early.
11th-Jan-2016 11:10 pm - Not him too!
31st-Dec-2015 11:50 pm - Not Lemmy too
But he is immortal!Collapse )
26th-Dec-2015 10:37 pm - I am almost hopeful
The next Deadpool trailer - still seems on track.

You may have to sign in - it is the redband versionCollapse )
24th-Dec-2015 08:49 pm - So, about 2 weeks ago .....
..... we acquired a kitten and a puppy (it's a Jack Shiht - Jack Russell-Shih Tzu cross). I resisted for a while but cuteness has ensued

so cute, I could just hurl but there you goCollapse )
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