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Profound, profane or pedestrian
Utterly mundane ramblings from a nobody with nothing important to say.
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25th-Oct-2015 07:18 pm - OW! And then OW again!
Tried to fill up a hot water bottle about half an hour ago - as I filled it, it slipped so I grabbed it. A geyser of boiling water sprayed over my stomach. As I spasmed in response to that, I hunched over, squeezed the bottle again and got a spray of equally hot water up the left side of my face. Fortunately, I managed to close my eye in time. Ran into the bathroom and stood under the cool shower for about 10 minutes. So I am now sitting here with a cold pack on my face and on my stomach. I'll put up with the sore back (which is what I was running the hot water bottle for) for a little while longer!
9th-Aug-2015 10:17 pm - Finally!
The Deadpool trailerCollapse )
12th-Jul-2015 10:05 pm - New Joss work .....
..... and in a 'verse of his own making, thank goodness. It will be a comic called Twist.

Finally he can move on from the entire Marvelverse and do what he does best - create new original worlds and new original characters.
9th-Jul-2015 12:35 am - Origin 2015
This is more like it!

27th-Jun-2015 09:21 pm - Fun, fun, fun!
I went to Supanova today. It was a lot better organised this year and the crowding around the main entrance was vastly reduced which made for a much more pleasant experience.

I got autographs from Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin - both in my copy of Serenity: Those Left Behind HC, which already has signatures from Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk. Nathan joked that it would be worth a lot of money after he died and when I told him about the other signatures (and the fact that that I intended to get the last three as well), he said it would be worth a really big lot of money. Considering that he had been signing for about 2 hours without a break by this time, it was impressive that he could still make any kind of joke. Adam Baldwin seemed impressed that I had come from 100km away on the train - quite routine for me but he seemed to think it was cool.

It was a long time in the queues - even though Nathan's moved quickly, there were a hell of a lot of people in front of me. Adam's moved more slowly because he was taking some time to talk to each person and personalise their autographs but it was a little shorter so it didn't take as long.

Cosmic Comics had a stand so I went over to have a look and got The Walking Dead Book 11 HC - I thought I usually got these in September each year (and usually from Cosmic Comics as it is my "local store" - it's about 35 kms away) but obviously this one came out way earlier.

Overall, a much more pleasant experience than last year - my only disappointment was that Morena Baccarain had to cancel. If she had come, that would have left only 2 signatures to get but as it is, I still have three to go. Here's to next year! 
21st-Jun-2015 10:31 pm - Nope
Just had dim sim from the fish and chip shop (yes, I really should know better). I had reconciled myself to the fact that they would deep-fried but when they deep-fried and in batter too that was a step too far!
3rd-Apr-2015 04:40 pm - WOOHOO!
Two weeks of no pants - do the happy dance!
14th-Mar-2015 11:28 pm - In rememberance
RIP Sir Terry Pratchett - you made a  difference.
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