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Profound, profane or pedestrian
Utterly mundane ramblings from a nobody with nothing important to say.
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I'm off the Dreamwidth! See you there.

The last 12 years have been good but I'm moving.
5th-Mar-2017 01:30 pm - Deadpool 2
WOOHOO! Probably a bit early but a little premature exclamation is always fun!

Behind the cutCollapse )
26th-Jan-2017 09:26 pm - Happy Australia Day!
Australia day
1st-Jan-2017 09:58 pm - Happy Easter ..... wait ..... what?
Yes, just saw the first of the Hot Cross buns in the shops today! Good Grief!

On a brighter note that may mean that the chocolate chip Hot Cross buns are just that closer to coming out too.
25th-Dec-2016 06:24 pm - It's a tradition
My favourite carolCollapse )
16th-Dec-2016 08:28 pm - WOOHOO!
No pants for six months! I'm on Long Service Leave until 19th June! WOOHOO!
15th-Dec-2016 08:57 pm - For rua 1412
Happy BirthdayCollapse )
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